You would never think you could make a candy from this!

Caramelized apples are a worldwide known sweet treat.

You could caramelize a lot of things, by simply boiling them in a sweet syrup and then drying them. the trick is that the boiling gets out their inner moisture and most of their natural flavor, replacing it with the huge amount of sugar, which prevails after the sweets get dry and harden up a little bit.

Here are some things you would NEVER imagine you could make candy out from!

  1. Vanilla bean

If you use fresh vanilla at home, it’s great that you wont need to toss out the vanilla bean ever again!  Boil them in a cup of half a liter of water and half a kg of sugar and let them dry. Enjoy them later in ice cream, cocktails or sour cream.

2. Horseradish

If you enjoy spicy sweet flavors, you should definitely try candying horseradish at home.

3. Kumquats

Just add about 20 kumquats, sliced into half a liter of oiling water, mixed with half a kg of sugar and boil them, then let them dry. They taste similar to lemon peal, but just slightly different.

4. Actual flowers

You could candy anything you could imagine – roses, lavender, sage…just go into the nature and take anything, clean it good and let it dry. Then, blend an egg white and gently brush the dry flower with it, and finally, dip it into the sugar. Dry them in a cold and dark place, and voila!

Have you ever thought about candying these ingredients?


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