You can’t avoid stretch marks – but you can definitely make them go away!

Stretch marks appear mostly among the female population. Female hormones, sudden gain of weight during pregnancy are the main cause for them. They can also appear among the man population, but are rare compared to women.

A scientific study proved that every second woman over 27 has stretch marks!

Skin is the biggest and most exposed organ of the human body – weather changes, sun exposion and other wounds from minor or bigger accidents are written on this human canvas. Sudden weight fluctuations can leave serious stretch marks, especially on the area of the abdomen, breasts and thighs.

But also, their appearance is genetic – if you have dryer skin, you are predisposed to have stretch marks with weight fluctuations. But, if you’re skin has more collagen, or you are eating healthy, taking enough vitamin D, E and K – you are less likely to have stretch marks.

Here are two natural and home made remedies, that are used for treating already appeared stretch marks.

  • Chamomile – chamomile extract, with just a fer drops of hot water on the tea bag, mixed with jojoba and lavender oil makes an excellent serum for eliminating stretch marks. Chamomile has an amazing calming and revitalizing effect on the skin.

  • Avocado – make a paste-like mixture with one medium sized avocado, a squeezed lemon and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture and gently rub it onto the places with stretch marks. This is honestly the one thing that helped me the most with my birth stretch marks.



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