Wise couples solve these problems with no effort – are you among them?

Being in love makes you blind for many stuff in your life – especially your own well-being. I’m not saying that it isn’t worth to sacrifice a great deal of yourself for the sake of your marriage or relationship – I’m just saying that there is a better option if you really think it through with your head being on your shoulders instead of “at seventh heaven”.

Being wise AND being in love is the perfect combination.

Here are some of the biggest everyday problems and how wise couples avoid them.

  1. The harsh relationship every mother and daughter in law have  – never live together! Even though you can’t afford a separate place – it’s better to get a loan, than to suffer serious limitations to your personal space!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Gaining weight – a scientific study has proven that happily married couples, especially in the first year of marriage – gain weight. The answer to this is not bothering with questions and disappointment all the time – but joining a group fitness class, a diet or a walking/running routine you would develop.
  3. The financial instability the birth of children brings – diapers, special skin care, wet wipes, new clothes each month, higher electricity bills are what would make your monthly costs rise in the first year. And in the years to come – dental checks, healthcare and kindergarten would raise that cost even more. So, wise couples start saving money and planning a family!                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Different kind of spending – after being married, you have a mutual financial fund and sometimes each partner doesn’t seem to understand about the spending needs of the other – what one thinks of necessity, other does’t. Making priorities and financial plans at least about vacations, renovations and bigger financial issue is a wise thing to do instead of arguing and complaining.
  5. Being bored – if you were arguing about spending more time together before you were married, the first year of marriage may not be what you exactly imagine. You will get bored of each other, since you live together now, and you will fight about diving responsibilities – NO YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! Sincerely, there is no solution to this, except to accept it and overcome it in the first half of the year together or maybe the whole year. Just stay together and don’t go to bed angry!                                                                                                                           

Are you a wise couple? Have you solved these problems in another wise way? Share in the comments section below this article.









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