Why your men fears you?

In the 21st century, women and men have equals right, so subordination of the woman in the family is no longer a thing. In most of the families around the USA.

However, if you think about the type of family your man was raised into, even you, your mother was probably doing everything around the house, while your father could go out and drink a beer in bar with his friends….

Nowadays, man fear their woman because with financial stability came along other things as well, and they’re not used to adapting to a new way of life, when all they had to do was marry and replace their mothers…

Here are some conclusions from a study who was researching couples who were both employed and how was the psychological impact of the value of their salaries and contribution around the house:

  •  it’s not that men don’t like their woman to work, but are much much happier when they have bigger salaries that still keeps their position of “main providers”
  • the World Economic Forum announced that the gap in the salaries is slowly, but progressively decreasing when it comes to compare salaries that women and men get for the same job                                                                                               
  • men provide, women take care of the kids and the household. This has been a rule for so many generations before, that is REALLY hard to forget it in just a decade or two…
  • according to a scientific study, men develop psychological distress and mental illness if their female partner contributes nearly 50% of the incomes, which makes them financially stable to begin with

Does all of this makes sense to you? Is your male partner acting strange when it comes to finance, independence, helping around the house and kids? Tell us in the comments below!





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