Why you should use an air purifier?

Indoor air pollution results from a reliance of solid fuels for cooking. Indoor air pollution is a leading risk factor for premature death, which is responsible for 1.6 million deaths each year. A short term effect is dizziness and feeling lack of motivation and energy, while developing respiratory disease allergies and constant migraines are one of the long term consequences you could develop.

That’s why air purifier became popular this past decade.

Here are some really important topics to consider related to buying an air purifier.

  • air purifiers remove dust from the air, and reduce the possibility of developing asthma by 40%, because an air purifier filters the particles in the air before they settle down                                                                                                             
  • cleans natural gases from the house, even when it’s not aired out – we breath, sweat and release many organic fluids and gasses in the air. Some of them can be harmful when they’re not aired out, such as radon. The air purifier constantly circulates and purifies the air particles, even when fresh ones haven’t came in the room               
  • air purifiers remove the potential allergens from the air, thus decreasing the risk of allergic reactions
  • air purifiers lower the CO2 levels in the house – the more people and animals live inside the house, the bigger the level of carbon dioxide in the air. a bigger level of CO2 in the air makes you feel lighteheaded and dizzy, which is due to the reduction of oxygen

If you have a baby or you are expecting the birth of a new member of the family – my recommendation is to buy an air purifier even before buying a crib for the baby – it would be the best thing for their health, happiness and long future life.







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