Why you should go to the toilet with one eye closed?

In this article, I’m gonna reveal to you some unbelievable things you actually thought you shouldn’t do, or maybe, you’ve just never heard about them.

And to be honest, they make life so much easier!

  1. One eye closed when going to the bathroom at night – because you don’t want to chase away those sweet sleepy dreams and struggle with going back to sleep.
  2. Hep your limb pain with rolling you head – instead of shaking or circling with the hands, try instead rolling your head. Why? Because your limbs are actually way more connected to your neck instead of your arms.
  3. It’s better to sleep in the cold – instead of what you always imagine and probably always do – heat up the room before going to bed, to be even cozier. Well, it’s exactly the opposite! Melatonin, the sleep cycle hormone, which also helps with reducing aging in our organism, is proven to be promoted more in colder temperatures, somewhere below 15 degrees!                                                                                                                                                                   
  4. If you want to have a quick nap – drink a cup of coffee – yup, you read it right! This goes especially to those who take a nap to continue with studying or working with their brains after the nap as well. A study showed extremely better results in the memory and performance to the people who drink coffee before and after taking a nap, instead of the ones who don’t do it before the nap. Apparently, during the nap your brain is memorizing and ordering, classifying the data you’ve entered before, so with coffee – our brain orders better, normally!
  5. Cough to ease the pain from a needle sting – if you think that you might get that needle somehow broken – don’t. This is due to the increased blood pressure while sneezing or coughing.                                                                             
  6.  Boost you memory with simply shewing a gum – in all those movies, the “easy and sleazy” chicks are characterized chewing a gum among all other things. Apparently, scientists have proven the opposite – chewing gum makes you more focused, alerted and conscious about your environment and it also makes the tiredness and boredom go away. Your jawline is directly connected to your skull where your brain is settled, so activating those extra jaw muscles pumps out more blood to the brain, and makes you a better thinker and a wiser decision-maker.






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