Why to choose infused water

Infused water is actually plain water with added herbs, or vegetables and fruits. The things about infused water is that is the healthiest thing it exists – if you are bored and don’t quite like regular water, infused water is the healthiest alternative, since the fruits and vegetables are only added in small quantities, as an improvement to the taste, and you’re not going to intake a lot of sugars to feel thirsty after you finish your drink.

In every diet regime, drinking about 2-3 liters of water per day is an absolute MUST! So, here are some irresistible tastes of infused water to ease the water intake for you.

First of all – always put the water and the other products in a glassed jar, since it is the best way to keep the water fresh as long as possible.

Second – Never blend or squeeze the fruits and vegetables – that’s the whole point of infused water – otherwise, you’re making a juice or a smoothie shake.

Third – always prepare as much water you should or could drink that day – about 2 liters, not more, since you should throw the infused water mixture and NEVER let it stay through the night.

  1. Strawberries and lemons – add few strawberries and slices of lemon, and spice it up with a few mint leaves.
  2. Cucumber and lemon – slice both products before putting them in the jar of water.
  3. Sage and blackberries – this is one of my personal favorite tastes, since it is so much different than anything I’ve ever tried.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  4. Apples and cinnamon – this is a ways to enjoy the “Christmas flavor” in all of the other times of the year!
  5. Black tea and ginger – this is an exotic combination that originally dates from the Middle East and you will feel the oriental taste from the first drop. For best taste – use dried but not powdered ginger.
  6. Rosemary and watermelon – this extravagant combination will make you feel like you’re lying somewhere in the Caribbeans, struggling with the summer breeze.








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