Why should you ALWAYS follow a service dog?

A service dog is so well trained – it will never attack you unless you seem to be a grave threat or a wrongdoer in a certain situation.

But be sure that this type of dogs will NEVER attack you out from nowhere – first of all, because they’re very well trained and second, because the races chosen to be service dogs are purposely chosen to be extraordinary smart and intelligent, such as belgian malionis and retrievers.

if you see a service dog in public, alone by itself, know that you should always follow the dog – because it means that he must need help!

Why? Because a service dog never stays unattended – the dog is usually the backup “person” in a field action. Also, in another case, a service dog that takes care for some blind or elderly, incapable person also goes in public unattended when is in search for help for its owner.

These dogs are very smart and can identify the situation where they can help, or when they should find others for help. You should just ask “What is it, boy” and “Where should we go” – just ask the normal questions in a game you’ve played with your own pet.

But, if you’re just not the dog person – don’t worry! He will search for help from another person if you make him go away or non-violently show him you don’t want to be disturbed.

If dogs could just talk, right?







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