Why goji berries became so popular?

The new millennium brought many new things for us humans: the breakthrough of the Internet and the world wide network, futuristic fashion, international TV and media, and also, the style of yoga, healthy lifestyle and healthy food.

I mean, of course that people did yoga and ate healthy since forever, but it seems that lately, every third person I meet is into oat meals, cereal, blended drinks and super food.

With the trend of healthy living, gyms and Instagram influencers, came along and super healthy new food we haven’t heard about before. Such as the goji berries.

Immunity bomb

The pollisacharides that the goji berries contain are crucial for an “inter-cellar communication” inside the organism, which are crucial to signalize when a certain organ or system is working with low capacity. The huge levels of Vitamin C that these berries also contain give an extra supportive boost of our immunity and improve the health of the overall cells. The goji berries also have a significant level of potassium, which is absolutely crucial for us humans especially in winter days, when we lack sunlight.

Healing properties

Goji berries have been used in ancient Chinese medicine for treating adults – they are not recommended for kids, mostly because they contain a high quantity of the element germanium – used for treating cancer diseases.

Germanium has also proven as a promoter of fertility, both in women’s and men’s cases, according to a recent study fro the University of Oxford.

However, the down-side of this fruit is the fact that it can’t stay for too long and gets spoiled really fast, which is why you will only find goji berries in their dried form, or as a juice, mostly mixed with other fruits.

Me myself, I combine them with my morning cereal. But don’t eat more than 30-50 grams per day, because you might get constipated!







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