Why coloring therapy is the right thing to do?

Coloring is one of the first activities we learn to do in our toddler period. Even before drawing and before talking.

This colorful activity teaches patience and boosts creativity – something many of us need to be reminded of, besides the constant thrill and race for work, paying bills and making money.

Lately, many phone applications have appeared that are based exactly on this art therapy. Coloring Mandalas seems to do the thing for natural calming and stress relieving, since it has many different shapes and tiny patterns you need to take care of while painting.

According to a psychological study, here are some of the benefits of art therapy and why you should choose it instead of some other medications or psychiatrists.

  • Improve the brain neurological function – coloring definitely is a brain workout, as it requires the activity of both hemispheres of the brain
  • Improves focus – as it is proven that coloring activates both brain hemispheres, it also improves the focus and concentration, depending on what kind of picture you’re coloring, of course. Coloring small patterns such as Mandalas, or, coloring a picture with many shades of the same color, is the best way to improve your focus.

  • Improves vision – reading and watching television or spending too much time on the Internet, can definitely harm your eyes and vision. Coloring on a blank piece of paper can improve your eye vision, since you’re resting you eyes with colors instead of letters

  • Coloring has a similar effect on the mind as meditation – since you’re definitely slowing down your body functions, you’re boosting your thinking and intellectual process.
  • Boost positivity – coloring is never boring and sad – even when you’re sad, and color with grey or black tones, your feelings will be better as well as your mental state, than before you’ve started painting, the study confirmed after measuring the EEG of 15 subjects that watched a sad family drama movie, and begun coloring right after it







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