When the woman makes the first move…

In this advantageous “world of tomorrow”, a lot of things changed. Emancipation, gender equality, same sex relationships and marriages, women presidents, CEOs, lawyers… We even have women football – the most unimaginable two words that could go in a same sentence!

That’s why the old and golden rule of men making the first move is also a long forgotten one…

A recent university study has asked women from 21 to 45 years old about their dating personalities and the benefits of them making a first move in their love life. Based on their answers, the specialists have come up with the following advantages:

  • women tend to be more criticizing and overthinking in life, and with making the first move, you could end your hesitation whether he likes you or not

  • women who decide to make the first move don’t dream about their “prince on a white horse” – they dare to reach out and pick him right out from the crowd
  • men actually respond better if a woman makes a move, compared to woman’s response to the hitting from a man. Women like attention and they could stall the “making a move” process, while men like to “get some action” and response fast to a woman’s attention, or they don’t respond at all!
  • when a woman makes the first move, she definitely doesn’t “settle”, but she “picks”. There is a huge difference!

  • men think that brave and opened up, Alpha females are hot, hot, hot!


Better to be an “oops” than a “what if”, do you agree?





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