What will that daily walk actually change??

Change is never a sudden thing – it happens slowly and quietly. Whether we’re talking about changing from within or changing the way you look.  If you want to change something of both – walking is where you should start. Even an ancient philosopher called Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine once said:” Walking is a man’s best medicine”.

The next time you’re hesitating about whether you should take the bus, a cab or walk to work, or to pick up your kid from school, or just meet a friend – think about these few sentences you’re about to read.

  • Improve your posture – there isn’t a single exercise, beginning from cycling, yoga, to running or any other sport that improves your natural body’s posture. Simply because walking is the most natural thing your body should do as a physical activity.

  • Remove lower back pain and tensions – walking slowly and tenderly relaxes the muscles without feeling stiffness later. This especially works with the spine and the lower back muscles – the hardest thing to stretch with any other form of exercise.
  • A healthy heart – cycling and walking, along with an apple per day, really keeps the doctor away! Improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels is what will happen for sure to all of those who dare to walk daily!
  • Improved focus and brain functions – pumping blood and oxygen in your brain normally, makes it work better. And especially, walking with a view, in nature, provokes positive feelings and pushes away depression, anxiety and other negative emotions. If you’re bored or feeling blue – stand up and immediately head towards your closest forest or park!

  • Better eyesight – a study published in the journal of World Health Organization proved that regular walking reduces the risk of developing glaucoma by 71%, since, when you walk, you increase the blood flow and the eye pressure, thus, prevent vision loss.
  • Improved digestion – it is scientifically proven that walking helps burn energy and fat, but also, it speeds up the way the food travels down your stomach, since you’re using a lot of muscles. Actually, what you should do after a meal,is take a short walk, 15 minutes tops, instead of resting or drinking a cup of coffee.








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