What is it about almonds that make you lose weight?

Almonds are a world famous super food, and also one extremely tasty sweet topping is made out of almonds – marzipan. They have a really specific bitter taste that changes to a sweet-sour – ish as you chew. Almonds are a whole grain food that contains extremely important amino acids, that are a building compound for the cells and crucial for the neurotransmission process in both the brain hemispheres.

But did you know that this super food has another amazing ability – burns fat!

To lose weight, you should eat almonds earlier in the day, preferably as breakfast, or as brunch, together with some fruit that is not so sweet. Because they will reduce the hunger for the following several hours!

They have a low glycemic index and keep the blood sugar level balanced, which results in feeling full and forgetting about hunger for a longer period of time.

What is a glycemic index (GI)? 

The glycemic index is a relative ranking of carbohydrates contained in a certain food, according to how they affect the blood glucose levels, or, how fast the sugar in the blood increases after eating a certain food. GI is written on all packed food that you could buy in a supermarket, according to the latest ISO standards.

Why is eating food with low glycemic index good for losing weight?

It makes you full, and you forget about hunger, though you haven’t exceeded either the number of calories, and also, haven’t eaten a variety of different tastes and dishes, which makes easier for the gut to process.





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