Use oil to prevent gas and bloating

Here’s the basic tricky dilemma:

fruits, veggies and other healthy lentils and legumes are at the bases of every healthy diet, rich in fiber. But at the very same time on the other hand, they are the main cause of bloating and gas in our stomach!

So, while they help us loose weight, we look fatter while bloated…

That raises the next question.

What to do about those gasses while still eating  a healthy and fiber-rich diet?

You should use OIL!  But not just any kind of oil…

Chamomile oil is the best for treating intestines issues. It calms the inflammation in the intestines and also, if you feel cramps while bloated, it relieves this kind of pain as well.

But also, fennel oil can do the trick. Fennel has an active ingredient that is very pleasant for the intestines and their microflora, and also calms pain and cramps. It can also reduce bloating and help remove the gas out. It is best for helping with chronic colitis, but also with gas caused by food or bad bacteria. No wonder fennel tea is given to newborns since day 1!

The oligosaccharides and the starch, in which the above mentioned foods are rich in, are very hard to be processes by our stomach. This process plays out in the intestines, where beneficial bacteria break down these substances and divide them into more basic vitamins, proteins and monosaccharides. That’s basically the reason why we feel bloated.

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