Too much protein is a real deal risk for your health

There are substances on this planet, so deadly and harmful, that even a small dose can harm our health or kill us. Also, there are plenty of good substances that we enjoy to intake and aren’t harmful for our organism, but contrary, very resourceful and deliciously nutritious. Such as proteins and amino acids- the main building blocks of every single cell in the human organism.

A high protein diet can help reduce the fat tissue and replace it with muscle tissue. But even too much good can’t be good. It can be harmful.

  • Weight gaining – we’ve mentioned above that eating a high protein (keto) diet can make you lose weight. But a research has also shown that you shouldn’t go keto for too long. Why? Because every excess the organism intakes, even protein excess, the body stores it as fat.
  • Bad breath – eating large amounts of proteins causes your body to enter a metabolic stage called ketosis. In this state your body produces chemicals that give unpleasant, rotten fruit smell.
  • Constipation – due to reduced intake of carbohydrates and fiber, your body’s bowel movements slow down. When you’re on a high protein diet, always drink twice the water you regularly drink. This might be of some help with constipation.
  • Dehydration – a University study that took place 20 years ago, still has relevant results to point. It was made among athletes who were given protein supplements – their need of hydration drastically increased.
  • Lightheadedness –  this is due to the dehydration, but if you drink enough water, you should be able to avoid these feelings of dizzyness and headaches.

  • Loss of calcium – a high protein diet can be bad for your bones.
  • Increased risk of heart diseases – this depends on what kind of source you choose to intake proteins. But pople usually choose red meat and full-fat dairy products. A diet like this on long bases can seriously increase your cholesterol levels and harm your blood vessels, thus, resulting with increased risk of getting some kind of a heart disease.

Teach your senses and body to always aim for balance in every aspect of live – even in healthy foods and exercises.





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