Too much caring is toxic for your relationship

You’ve probably seen it in all the movies that you first start off the relationship with a reserve, and then start giving more, step by step. Until you give yourself “ALL IN”. And that stage is called “a committed relationship”.


Let me ask you a question: Would you like to be with your partner if you’re getting all that you want very easily? If you know there’s no challenge and that your partner is all yours without any fear of losing him, wouldn’t you lay back and stop trying?

In a normal relationship, there are fights. And there are days the one gives more, and there are days the other. There is no such thing as perfect balance. And there should never be a score! “I gave you my full attention 2 days ago and you ruined the moment….now you don’t deserve this”…. NO! Understanding is the key to resolve every issue, and being the giver is not such a bad thing always.

However, on the other hand, being the one who constantly gives and gives, is a character trait – some persons are givers by nature. But if you constantly give and the situation is not taking a different turn, it might ruin the relationship because the other person is consuming your energy, attention and the whole of you! You’re drowning and becoming less of yourself with each selfless act of giving. And in this way, you’re losing the person your partner fell in love with.

So what can you do about it?

First – realize the situation you’re in and accept it. Then, ask yourself, was it like this from the very beginning or was there a turnaround situation? This is a very important step, because if there was a turnaround situation, you could talk it out, but if you’re like that from the very beginning, you should start making changes in the way you act and react in your relationship. Start taking care of you more before you lose yourself completely, and your partner as well, because he will lose the person he fell for!


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