Tone firm breasts with this super workout plan

Are you working on developing a better body? Breasts are also a muscle that not only men, but women should be exercising as well. You know, those breasts won’t always stay as perky as in your best youthful days…

For a total body work out, we advice to include a few simple exercises that are going to tone your breast muscles and thus, lift up your breasts. So, mommies, there is hope for your breasts even without a need of a surgery!


This exercise is also known as “women push ups”, since it is far easier to do a push up in this position instead of doing it with your legs completely straight. Include this exercise in your workout routine if you want to also improve your higher back posture. It is recommended that you do at least 20 “women push ups” to get effect.



This is a “standing push up” and is far easier to do it while you’re standing against a wall, instead of doing it on the ground. Why? It’s simple! Because of gravity!



The exercise shown on the picture is also a good exercise for toning your arms. You don’t need to lift a lot of weight to achieve a result – maximum 5 kg per hand would do it! Also, you can achieve doing this exercise in your house – you only need a bench, and some bottles!


blankThis super easy stretchy exercise is probably the easiest in the row! Also helps with body posture and pain in the lower back part, as well as straightening the spine. You need to stand in this position for at least a minute, then switch the position on the other side and arm. That is 1 minute on a single side!



blank You might want to try this exercise right after doing push ups in your exercise routine, since it would also ease the bak tension from the abs. So, lie on the floor, facing down, completely straight. Put those arms on the back of the head and start lifting yourself up, from the half above. Try making your legs to stay on the floor as much as possible. Do at least 20 for starters.





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