Tinder is a relationship GURU

If you were only reading bad things, and watching negative movies about online dating, here is something to turn around that opinion. Catsifh isn’t the only reality show you should trust.

According to the last year’s statistics, an astonishing 1/3 of all the marriages in the States have started online!

According to a recent university study, you might be one click away to your vows!

First of all, meeting your soulmate online is a conventional thing. Why? Because all people are more opened up when they are not talking in person. There is not the feeling of shame, or how you look like, or the fear of a reaction to an uncomfortable question… You will be able to tell what’s on your mind, I mean REALLY on your mind instead of the “uncomfortable faking” just for the sake of making a good impression.

Professor Hergovich from the Vienna University, who was the head for this study noted that ” couples who met via online dating websites and apps are more likely to be more successful when they get married, than people who started their romance through the traditional ways, like meeting through a friend, at the workplace, or at a bar”.  And this is a truly valid research because it analyzed data from over 19,000 couples worldwide!

Of course that there are patterns which could refer only to certain individuals, because relationships are complicated just because of the unpredictable human factor each of us has, which makes us – US, but kn the other hand, such a vast number of people and their analyzed relationships could not be a lie!

And when you think about how bad your partner is, what he did wrong, or you just feel lonely and feel like you won’t find anyone – just think positive, sit online and when a dating site asks you the basic questions – just be honest!






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