This means you’re a very attractive person – even if you don’t feel like one

A person is never completely aware of all their flaws and small beautiful lines. Neither of the impression they leave to their surrounding.

Here are a few signs that you are more attractive than you think you are – scientifically approved 100%!


  1. Other people don’t seem to notice your flaws – you discuss your flaws with someone you don’t know for a long time, and they are making you crazy. It’s OK to not trust your friends, boyfriend or parents when they say your flaws are in your head – but when a stranger tells you that – you’re definitely more attractive than you think.
  2. You have admirers – it doesn’t matter if it is on social media or real life – people who don’t really know you would like to get to know you. That’s because they like you!                                                                                                           
  3. You get bored easily – this is a trait of attractive people because they are very sociable in most of the cases. Their lives are full of events, socializing, people and happenings. And if an attractive person gets bored – there is always someone that would like to make them enjoy their time with something else.
  4. You’re smiling a lot – is there a more beautiful make up to wear than your own smile? Positive mood is making someone attractive even if their looks are not perfect. Who wants to hang out with a grumpy beauty?
  5. You help other people and hate lying – being altruistic and honest person is the most beautiful trait a person could own. No one would forget about the people who lifted them back up when they were down – and in their eyes, you are the greatest and most beautiful soul alive.














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