This is the perfect woman – according to men

If you think that all men want a long-legged blonde, with full lips and a perfect body figure – you will be surprised!

According to a study conducted by the University of Nottingham, in which more than 3000 men from 21 to 61 years took place, these are the traits that were wanted in a woman, among the results of more than 67% of the subjects. And that’s how we’ve made “the perfect girl”.

beautiful young girl portrait behind question mark character. serious expression on her face
  1. She is a bit younger – all men, if they are looking for a serious relationship, definitely want someone younger than them. Older women are for fun…
  2. She has a perfect smile – not in the meaning as in perfect teeth – but she smiles from within and she smiles with her eyes and her soul as well. Men tend to get more depressed over the years – that’s why they need their sunshine to brighten them up every single day.
  3. She has a great sense of humor – if women want their men to spend more time with them instead of goofing around with their man gang, they definitely need to have a “men’s brain” and a deep sense of humor. This trait was enlisted as a wanted woman’s trait in 97% of the surveys.                                                                                                               
  4. She’s got small feet – no, not all men are into ‘foot fetish”. Though men like long shaped legs, they want small girly and soft feet to cuddle with.
  5. She’s independent – the next time you think that a big drama, tears and depression will turn a man around to run towards you – better think again! According to 85% of the tested subjects, an independent woman – financially and mentally, is what they all want. Challenge is what all men want, isn’t it?                                                               
  6. She likes to wear red – red is the color of passion and burns a fire in a man’s heart. It isn’t necessarily for red to be the favorite color – but underwear – definitely!
  7. She’s got narrow hips – despite the belief that wide hips signalize fertility and all men want that – that is not true. Many things change over the years and so do many facts and beliefs that were once true.                                                  blank

So, do you got it?





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