This is the alarm that you’re eating too much salt

Salt is the basic source of sodium for our bodies – and an average person must intake between 1.5 and 2.3 grams of salt per day. Anything less or more can seriously harm the overall health, since sodium is needed for basic metabolitic functions and inter cell exchange of liquids and nutrients.

Here are the most common signs that need to alarm you that you’re overdoing with the salt in your kitchen. This phenomena is medically called Hypernatremia.

Constant never ending headaches 

Headaches are never appearing from the same reason – they might be a phenomena due to heavy weather, dehydration, menstrual periods, eye pressure and many more reasons. However, headaches that are constant are usually a sign of hypertension, which oftenly occurs because of eating too much salt and thus, the organism gets dehydrated.

Can’t end your thirst

Another in the chain of alarming signs that you’re overdoing with the salty food is very logical – the excessive need for water and liquids.

Feeling unable to think or communicate well

This is often an alarming sign of a stroke, but it could also be a sign of dehydration due to salty food. Check your pressure and lie down, get some water and rest.

Often visits to the toilet

Do you feel like a pregnant woman? Or like you’ve been drinking beer all day long? It just might be because of overdoing it with the salt, since the bladder has an urge to get the excessive salt out of the body, because it is a serious threat for the kidney health. The kidneys need to work twice more since they’re struggling with the toxic salt.

If you’re among the ones who have these symptoms, and also have hypertension (high blood pressure) constantly, we warmly suggest to take a visit to your doctor to check your sodium intake levels.                                                                           







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