This is a signal your body sends to alarm you that something’s wrong

Our body works on both, conscious and subconscious level. You don’t send a signal to your lungs to take breath, or to your heart, telling it to start beating. This is the main work of the vegetative nerve system.

Our complex and perfect body also sends many signals to alarm you that there’s something going on inside of it, and you need to pay attention. However, in today’s world of rapid life, we’re more alarmed by the sound of our phone, alarms and social networks and we’ve forgotten to listen to our own body.

Here are some of the most common signs almost every single one of us experiences and what they really mean.

  1. Crawling ants in your feet – might be a sign off restless leg syndrome. It is an urge to move the legs without any need to go somewhere.
  2. Change of the sense of smell, the way of handwriting and intense dreams that feel like reality – if you have all of the symptoms, unfortunately, it is highly probable you are at a very early stage of Parkinson disease.
  3. Aggressive behavior and easy tricking character – if you’re not always like this, and you’re not about to get your period, this is a sing of suppressed type of depression.
  4. Sleepy all the time – though this is a very common symptom, that might alarm you’re tired, or pregnant, a disease called hypersomnia could be what you’re suffering from. And many autoimmune disease can cause hypersomnia, so you should check it with your doctor before diagnosing yourself with anything.                                         
  5. Gray ring around your pupil – the circle itself is not harmful, it is only a visible effect of another health issue – high cholesterol. This mostly occurs with younger people, under 40 years of age.                                                         
  6. Salty cravings – unlike sweet cravings, which are mostly a sign of a premenstrual cycle, salty cravings are a sign of iron deficiency and anemia.





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