This is a sign you’ll live longer

Having a healthy lifestyle, eating properly, running and jogging daily, doing yoga and sun gazing can definitely prolong your life. But, the natural metabolism and the process of getting old doesn’t occur the same in everyone.

Here are a few signs that your body is naturally predisposed to live longer.

  1. You’re a woman – this may sound really sexist, but the scientific fact is that women live about 6-8 years longer than men.
  2. You’re a woman who has had her first child after the age of 32 – women who give birth at teenage age definitely shorten down their life, since they haven’t fully formed in their own bodies, thus, they’re reducing crucial vitamins and calcium for their baby.
  3. Not having belly fat – you can be really big and weight more, but if you’re “all muscles” as they say, and don’t have belly fat – you’ll live longer. People with belly fat have a tendency to develop heart diseases.                                                                       
  4. You look younger – this fact was concluded during a longer observational study, in which about 100 couples of twins took place. The younger looking one was proven to live longer than the other twin.
  5. You’re a firm sleeper – if you’re able to sleep through the night, without some longer pauses, except a quick bite or going to the bathroom, you’re going to live longer, according to a study conducted by the Sleep Foundation.
  6. You’re right handed – though this theory hasn’t been completely proven, most of the facts suggest that right handed people, especially those right handed athletes live longer.                                                                                           



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