This food keeps your prostate healthy

Cancer is definitely the biggest disease that kills most of the human population in the 21st century. And prostate cancer is in the top 3 killers among the men population.

Either discussing the prevention of developing prostate cancer, or, finding a way to cure it – here is a list of foods that guarantee a healthier prostate.

  • Broccoli – this super-food among the vegetables is a type of cauliflower. It is easy to cook, since its delicate structure doesn’t acquire much processing and overheating – this actually might burn all the nutrients inside. The sulforaphane, one of the many nutrients inside broccoli helps eliminating the potential cancer causers. The most active substance that helps in the fight against prostate cancer is indole-3-carbinol.                                                           
  • Brazilian nuts – nuts are the healthiest source of the amino acids needed for a healthy cell development. Brazilian nuts are a delicious source of zinc – a friend of the health prostate. But, don’t eat too much of these, because they are also very rich in selenium – because you might get overdosed and cause serious damage to your kidneys, and nerve tremors.
  • Pomegranate – this unusual and slightly passionate fruit (because of the warm weather it acquires to exist) are a scientifically proven killer of prostate cancer – not to mention the amazing taste of the juice! Probably the sweetest cure among all the foods mentioned in this list. A conducted study proved that pomegranate juice reduces the development and progression of prostate cancer of patients who were receiving chemotherapy
  • Pumpkin seeds – either eating pumpkin seeds, or adding pumpkin seed oil in your daily diet can significantly improve the regeneration of the cancerogenic cells. Pumpkin seeds are beneficial in the fight of cancer, generally.
  • Salmon fish – the red meat of the salmon fish is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of prostate, and, breast cancer, especially among those patients who have a genetic predisposition to develop it. The omega 3 acids that are highest in the salmon among the fish species are the main cause for preventing these types of cancer, who usually appear due to some hormonal imbalance.



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