These plants have been here before life itself!

According to evolution theories, plants had to be here before life started, because they produce oxygen. And every single live creature on Earth, from the most simple amoeba to the most perfect human being – needs oxygen to breathe and survive.

As crocodiles are an ancient animal species, believed to be a living dinosaur, but have changed a lot since their ancestors, the plants on the following list are fairly unchanged from their ancestors. Also, their unique set of characteristics and pattern behaviors aren’t typical for other plants on this planet.

Most of them are even legally protected as a national and historical treasure of the world.

Welwitschia Mirabilis

 Age: 146 – 100 million years
 Originating location:  Native to the Namibia Desert within Namibia and Angola
 Common uses:  Food and ornamental garden plant

Seagrass colony (Posidonia oceanica)

Age: 100,000 years old                                                                                                                                                          Original location: Balearic Islands, Spain

Wollemia (Wollemi Pine)

 Age: 200 million years
 Location:  Native to Australia
 Common Uses:  Ornamental garden plants, alternative Christmas tree



 Age: 280 million years
 Location:  Subtropical and Tropical parts of the world, though they are most common for the region of Central and South America. They are concentrated in large numbers in Micronesia, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, India and the tropical parts of Africa.
 Common Uses:  From ornamental garden plants, bonsai trees, to food, and in industry, they’re used for gum, medicine, fiber for hats and baskets and sombreros, paper and oil.

Horsetails (Equisetum)


 Age: over 300 million years
 Location:  Around the world except for Antarctica but mostly concentrated in the non-tropical Northern Hemisphere
 Common Uses: Medicine, tea and herbal oil remedies



 Age: 358.9 – 298.9 million years
 Location:  Southern Hemisphere and Southeast Asia
 Common Uses:  producing kauri gum and dammar gum, in the industry of yacht hull construction and the guitar manufacturing, as well ad panel and furniture making


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