The truth about the Corona Virus – told a century ago!

2020 is still long ahead of us, but until now, one thing is for sure: it will be memorized by the fast spreading and deadly (at least for humans) virus, known as COVID-19, or simply, The Corona Virus.

Markets are collapsing, people\s free movement has been banned with the closing of almost every border in the world and with the mandatory quarantine and the government’s measure of self-isolation. Football championships are stopped, concerts and elections are postponed…it’s like the whole world is on stand by!

Up to this day, thousands of people around the world have the disease who is attacking the respiratory system and hundreds have already died, but a cure or a vaccine still hasn’t been discovered. Nor it has been found how to kill the bacteria or in which terms it spreads further more and which surroundings would make the bacteria disappear once and for all…

If you think about all the advanced technology and medical achievements, you can surely say we’re dealing with a serious matter when we can’t still think up of an answer.

However, numerous studies predict the bacteria would die in a warmer temperature, and also, when exposed to stronger UV sun rays. \If we follow the saying “History repeats itself”, and if we compare the symptoms of the Corona Virus to a similar disease from the past, known as the Spanish flu, remarkable similarities would appear.

  • both stroke out of nowhere
  • both attack the respiratory system
  • both spread on more than 1/3 of the whole globe
  • both spread with immense speed

In the case of the Spanish flu, one doctor realized about the bad ventilation the hospitals had and also, had in mind that most of the sick were soldiers, who were hiding in the bunkers, who also lack sunlight and have bad ventilation and poor hygiene. The doctor from the Boston hospital decided to act by himself, so he started an “open-air therapy”, exposing this one patient to as much sunlight as possible. Eventually, the symptoms stopped and he was completely cured in about 2 weeks! This method was further used and spread, and eventually, when summer days came, the flu was gone. Luckily to this doctor, millions around the world were saved.

If the Corona Virus is so similar to the Spanish flu, maybe sunlight really is the cure!

Sure, respect the quarantine if you recently visited another country especially using an airplane, but make sure to enjoy as much sun as possible in your yard or balcony.

Though it has still not been 100% proven, how can sum sun, fresh air and positive thoughts harm you?



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