The true reason you can’t find love

Love and happiness is not an easily reachable state. It doesn’t just come along. It needs time, patience, efforts and a lot of mutual sacrifices to achieve it.

Has it ever occurred to you that, just maybe, love and long term relationships are not the thing for you?

If you’ve thought about this and found that in the end, you still choose to fall in love and be with someone – here are some things you might be doing wrong.

  1. Not respecting yourself – if you’re so desperate to fall in love and giving chances to ANYONE – you’re the one who’s actually being the most disrespectful person towards yourself. Never try to get from your partner what you’re actually not giving yourself.                                                                                                                                                 
  2. You abuse other people’s private space – everyone has their personal things they want to do, by themselves – reading, writing poetry, enjoying their own presence. And also, every person comes with a set of flaws – you may be able to work on some of them, but there are some that you must learn to live with. Even in the deepest most loving relationship – there are boundaries of the persona – and you or your partner may have to learn to respect them.                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. You have a very strict and unforgiving character – if you want to be in a devoted and long lasting relationship, you need to understand that no single human being on this planet is perfect – everyone makes mistakes. Some of them will be fatal and some of them will be smaller – you need to learn to get passed them, talk them out or get even in some way. But never put revenge on the first place since it will ruin the complete bases of your relationship.                                                                                                                                                                       
  4. You are very self-centered and oriented – finish school, get a good job and care for your career. Fine. But you need to make thorough changes in your lifestyle if you want a meaningful relationship. And no, it won’t be one way – if you’re looking for someone to share your problems and pleasures, you’re searching for an admirer or a fan – not love. You need to be able for the devotion and sacrifice and admiring to go both ways.                                                  blank

So, have you decided whether you want a friend, a one night stand, or a true partner?






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