The shoes that literally take you home!

As humans grow older, their mindset and brain just don’t work with full power. But there are also the frightening diseases which makes us forget our closest friends and family, and even – forget about ourselves, who we are, what we do, where we live and other basic crucial details.

The Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have these symptoms. It’s sad but also scary when you think about all the consequences these diseases mean for your parents and grandparents. They could get lost, bullied, robbed or worse…missing. And you have your own obligations you can’t leave and can’t be by their side constantly.

So, instead of worrying and calling all the time, why don’t you just buy them a new footwear? Not just any footwear.

The latest technology trend of the decade is GPS tracking smart shoes, who come even in children’s size! \They are a product of GTX Corp and are called GPS SmartSole.

And here’s an example of how they actually work:

  • they are charged wireless
  • the ergonomic pad, which actually contains the GPS locators is placed inside the shoe
  • the GPS SmatSoles are totally waterproof – they won’t, in any situation, lose contact or get damaged if the one who’s wearing them steps in mu, water or snow
  • The smart pad alerts when it’s about to be deactivated because of low battery and sends out the last signal before they get lost. But there is one absolutely amazing thing about how smart they are – they start sending out alerts for charging when the battery gets as low as 20%, so the family of the person wearing the pads has time to find them if they’re not home!

Personally for me, the best thing about the SmartSoles is the fact they also come in kid’s size! If you are a concerned parent (and in today’s world, who isn’t?!), and don’t want to become a “boring or controlling parent” calling your child constantly, or making them wear a tracking bracelet, these are the best idea!

Really smart pad’s right?


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