The scream of the quiet love

Long lasting relationships don’t always have what to talk about. If people want to stay together for a long time, they have to adapt and not interfere the quiet time and business of their partner.

However, in today’s world, loud means strong and quiet means weak and meaningless.

Here are some facts that prove it wrong.

  1. Quiet lovers mean a safe relationship environment – away from fear of having anything to say because of bad reactions, discussing a subject more thoroughly… you can be sure you’re not walking on glass here!
  2. Quiet lovers are away from the whole “Facebook jealousy drama” – I don’t know exactly where I’ve read this, but divorce rates increased for 30% after the social media strike, after the 2010’s. If you’re in a quiet relationship, it doesn’t have to mean that you don’t care or love each other, but it might mean the exact opposite – that you trust each other and have respect – which is above selfish love any time!                                                     
  3. Different types of romance – the romance and passion two people nurture in a quiet relationship is way different than what we see in movies. The passionate scenes, the wild urges and insanely breaking things all over like animals – don’t exist in a quiet love. Soft tender clues are always left during their meaningful conversation, and the final picture of the puzzle pieces reveals a true surprise. Quiet souls are not always in for an adventure, you have to understand that.
  4. Calmness is an adventure too – honestly, in a world like this, quiet is the new pearl and rarity, so if you have this type of a relationship – hold on to it, because it is also an adventure not many have passed, given the fact that we thrive and copy everything we see on TV.

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