The perfect match in your garden!

Gardening is so much fun! Plus, you get to enjoy the whole process of growing a fruit or vegetable until you finally put it on the table and say:”There, this is my homegrown product, do you like it?”

Depending on which stage of gardening you are, you have many Aces in the sleeve, or still learn.

To all of you out there reading, here is one awesome advice – even fruits and vegetables “like” or “dislike” each other!

You probably don’t plant only one type of plant in your garden, rarely who does. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you a trick to better and faster growing tastier products, simply by learning what each plant likes or dislikes.

This is called “companion planting”.

Here is a picture where most of the common homegrown plants are contained, and which plants they are compatible or they aren’t compatible with.

For example, you should never plant tomatoes along with bushy beans, simply because the tomato plants grow tall and will take away all  the sunlight from the short bushes.

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