The miracle that happens if you only eat 3 dates every day

Dates grow on one of the most beautiful palm trees. They grow in countries around the Mediterranean, North Africa, and in Asia.

Dates are really tasty as a raw fruit – but even tastier dried out. I often combine them with my morning bowl of cereal, but also, they’re one of my favorite sweet to eat besides dried figs. I just adore adding dried dates into birthday cakes and cupcakes as well. But I didn’t know that they are incredibly healthy – they make a true miracle in your body!

Just a single date contains approximately 2 g of fiber, which is 6% of your recommended daily fiber intake. Dates are awesome because they are healthy and yet have a low glycemic index. But, dried dates are higher in sugar and fiber as well – that’s why you should eat 3, 4 dried dates mostly per day.

Here’s what will happen to your body:

  • prevent neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which can effectively prevent the development of cancerogenic cells
  • the fiber in dates helps for better digestion
  • the fiber also prevents constipation and helps with bowel movements
  • dates don’t increase the blood sugar levels, so they can be consumed by diabetics
  • extract from the palm tree – the sticky material, is proven to help heal patients who’ve suffered from a heart stroke
  • Dates ease childbirth – every pregnant woman who is entering the final stage of pregnancy should eat about 5 dried dates per day, because they lead to higher cervical dilation


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