The key to a great first impression

You know the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?”

And based on the first impression is usually the bases of the further communication – whether you will like or dislike someone, whether you will get a chance to work in that company or you’re just not THAT good, whether you’ll go on a second date or not…

Making first impressions hasn’t got anything to do with good of a person you are – but how good you are in non-verbal communication and bon ton.

Body language and the type of energy you release during a first contact are the key factors, according to a conducted study, and are even more relevant than your appearance features, such as the clothes, shoes hair or make-up.

Here are the key notes to an unforgettable first impression and positive results for the future of your intention according to the first meeting!

  1. Don’t stare – eye contact is crucial for communication. With eye contact, you show that you respect and actually hear and understand the person you communicate with. But, making a non-stop eye contact, and actually, constantly observing and staring at your partner can be really intruding and could actually confuse them in their thoughts. Instead of making a good first impression, you could scare them away, so don’t make too long eye contacts, but make a pause between them.
  2. Don’t smile from the very start – being positive is always a good thing. No one wants a grumpy face. But, being with a “plastic smile” on your face from the very start of the meeting that doesn’t go off, can make the impression that you’re faking a lot of things and your partner wouldn’t actually know what’s going on. Body language is saying 90% more than what you can say with words.                                                                                       
  3. Shoulder UP – according to psychology, people who feel down, actually put their whole body posture and shoulders down. Shoulders up mean confidence and actually give the impression that you are open up for talk and comments.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Imagine the meeting before it happens – making a first impression in a job interview or a blind date, or even a first date, can be actually “trained”. You can imagine the actual meeting and how would it go in your head, and try to module and control the situation.
  5. Be compassionate and empathetic – emotionally understanding and mimicking while you hear someone talk makes you look more trustworthy and your talk partner actually feels understood. This is also a great way to find out more deeper details about something, because people start to open up more and more towards someone who they think actually understands them.



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