The funniest yet real medical conditions

This should be a “believe it or not” article, or might even – a science fiction article.

However, here are the most unbelievable medical conditions that actually exist!

The Jerusalem Syndrome – this is a “religious” mental disorder. It occurs to people who suddenly start to feel the voice of God inside their selves after visiting the Holy Biblical Land of Jerusalem. Symptoms may vary from compulsive cleaning and grooming, to wearing white robes, and sermonizing. it can affect people irregardless their religious beliefs and orientations.

The Walking Corpse Syndrome – otherwise known as the Cotard’s Syndrome, is a psychiatric disorder where the person believes that they are dead or missing their soul or some part of their internal or external body organs.

The Foreign Accent Syndrome – this syndrome is 90% detected in people who suffered amnesia or heavy strokes and head injuries. That’s why the speaking part of the brain is affected – even situations where people speak a language they have never spoken before isn’t a rare condition in heavy head injuries.

The Doctor Strangelove Syndrome – A.K.A. the Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS) is an uncontrolled and unwilling moving of the hand or the limb, similar as the one of the famous character of the movie from 1964, Dr. Strangelove. This syndrome is usually the result of a tumor, or a stroke that affects the corpus callosum – a thick nerve track in the human brain.

The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome – this is a neurological syndrome, named after the famous novel |Alice in Wonderland”, and in the medical literature is also known as the Todd’s Syndrome. It usually affects young children, and it is manifested with heavy migraines that distort the perception of size as well as distance.

Having a Geographic Tongue – this is a syndrome that can also appear and go away, and it means having unusual and unique shapes and patterns on the tongue. This syndrome is usually typical for people with allergies and it comes and goes away with the allergy. It is also a painful syndrome, since in some cases the patterns in the tongue make deep lines in the flesh, making the one suffering from it unable to eat, chew and swallow.

The Human Werewolf Syndrome – this syndrome is a highly visible physical syndrome, which manifests in excessive hair growth on body parts in which humans regularly don’t grow hair – such as the cheeks and the forehead. Also, people suffering from this syndrome have even more hair in the places where other people regularly have hair.


The Exploding Head Syndrome – this is not the syndrome when you feel like your head is going to explode – but a syndrome where you hear scary war sounds, such as gunshots, cymbals, or explosions going off in your head as you try to sleep.




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