The easiest way to a narrow waist

A feminine and womanizing body figure absolutely acquires curves. And there are NO curves without a narrowed and slim waist. You don’t have to be 90-60-90, you just need to have at least a few centimeters less in your overall waist length, than you do in your shoulders and hips.

In today’s article we’re sharing the best and most effective 7 exercises to get you a slimmer waist and better toned abs, since these two things ALWAYS come together!

#1 Jump rope skipping 

This is an excellent cardio workout for sure,  but jumping also acquires stretching the muscles on both sides of the abdomen. Jumping rope is a complete body workout to be more exact, and it is good to either start the workout session with this, or to finish it.

#2 Burpee

This multiple flexing exercise is working on abdomens, booty and calves all at the same time! Plus – it is aso a cardio exercise.

#3 Reverse squats

This exercise is a mixture of squats and side abs. Mostly, the parts which you are working on with this exercise are your “love handles” and your upper thigh – your booty.

#4 Middle burpee


This exercise is in the middle of the workout because we want to keep you motivated and going on – that’s why we’re introducing the so called “middle burpee” – since you don’t want to exhaust your organism completely so that you have enough strength for your next exercises.

#5 Variations of side plank


This exercise, as shown on the picture, is a more active variation of the side plank exercise. Or, you can do it with your legs fully stretched and your hips coming down and up again.

  #6 Heel touches


You should try doing this exercise for as long as possible, since it is a very nice toner and “a fixer” of your already stretched out muscles from the previous exercises.

#7 Plank 


The plank is the most perfect way to finish a waist workout and to really feel all those tight muscles you’ve stretched today!

Enjoy and let us know about the results!


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