The best cure for ear infection – A WARM SOCK!

Yes! You read that title correctly!

The best way to treat an infected or painful ear is WITH A WARM SOCK!

According to my own experiences, ear ache and tooth ache happen either late at night, or on a Sunday – when the doctor’s are closed and when you can’t or don’t feel like going to buy some antibiotics.

So, a friend of my grandmother’s, who still to this day lives in an agricultural village, told me about this oddly strange method to cure ear infection. When I first heard about it, I thought it was only gibberish from an old lady who refuses to accept that we have antibiotics and that the world has moved few steps ahead. But after giving it a try, I convinced myself that not only that this cure actually worked – it also worked faster than the antibiotics or the oil drops for ears I was using previously! And do you know the best thing about it?

You only need two most basic things you can find in each house – a sock and some salt!

Here’s the remedy:  Warm a pan on the oven.

Next, put half a cup of salt in a sock, tie it well so the salt doesn’t get out and place the sock in the pan to get warm, just for a very short few minutes – we don’t want to set the fire alarm in the house! Next – lie down on your side, with you painful ear facing the ceiling and place the warm sock on it – the heat has the ability to alleviate the pain and also, extract the humidity from the ear out, along with the germs and bacteria that are probably causing the pain. Because, as I’ve read, in about 80% of the cases, the ear ache is caused by an ear infection or inflammation.

Not to mention this is a way to save some money and not waste them on drugs, and save time to go to the docto’s! Plus – it is completely natural!



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