The benefits of…pickle juice?!

Pickles are a great appetizer and side dish. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want this or at least, hasn’t tried them in their lifetime. But, everyone of us throws the liquid from the jar once the last pickle is eaten. I mean, normally – the liquid is just the sauce needed for the pickles to be more than regular small cucumbers.

But NO – that was not true!

The acidic liquid fro the pickles is so healthy and nutritional and you can consume it without hesitation!

Here’s how:

  1. The first way to use it is as a substitute for vinegar – in many salads, such s potato, eggs and other variations used with onions, since this liquid makes the onions taste less harsh and spicy. The pickle juice is even better than vinegar, since it already contains salt!
  2. A peculiar cocktail – adding whiskey in the jar with a 30% of pickle juice is the most unusual combination to try, and for me honestly, unthinkable – until I tried it. It’s definitely adding up to the whiskey taste – especially if you like to drink without feeling the scent and smell of booze!
  3. A refreshment after a workout – when we are training, we are sweating. And when we are sweating – we are losing electrolytes. And acidic and mineral drinks are rich in electrolytes. Drink pickle juice after a workout instead of spending some serious cash on those drugstore waters with electrolytes!
  4. Cures hangover – pickle juice has enough vitamin C to put you on “the GO” after a long night out. If you are lacking lemons or oranges – drink some pickle juice and be ready to GO onward with your day!

Have you ever tried this before?






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