The alarm – you need to get away from this guy!

Women fall in love more slowly, but the intensity of a woman’s crush is bigger than a man’s. On the other hand, 41% of men tested in a study, have confessed that their love developed over the very first month of dating a woman, while the intentions of going out with many of their lady friends were strictly out of sexual interest.

Based on the results of the study, here is a list of alarming things to beware of a man, most especially if you’ve just started dating him.

  1. Changes relationship status on social media from “single” to “in a relationship” after the very first date                                 
  2. He comes up with sweet nicknames right from the first date, without you even giving him a slight idea to name you that way
  3. He is making plans for the future and intends, or even, pushes to meet your closest friends and family members
  4. He wants to move in with you, despite the fact your relationship has just started
  5. He feels jealousy from the very first date, and he’s showing it openly. If he does that from the very beginning without any fear of losing you or shame, you can’t possibly imagine what is going to happen onward…
  6. He becomes so obsessed with you, he’s asking you to cancel plans with every living soul you know, even your parents. In the beginning, he will start doing things like this and you will think it’s sweet – but very fast, he will start asking the same thing from you, giving this as an example you should be following                                                                 
  7. He invites you to take a vacation, or some other kind of a long trip together, before the third date – huge alarm of loneliness, or something worse!
  8. He keeps pushing with his calls, voicemails and messages, even when he knows you’re in a place you’ve told him, and it would be inconvenient for you to sneak out and answer the phone. He’s testing you!

Have you ever dated this guy? Can you tell us in the comments how you’ve handled him?






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