The 2-2-2 rule – what really keep love forever!

No matter if you’re in a fresh relationship, just married, or a long time in your marriage with kids fully grown up.

This rule is guaranteed to work in all kinds of situations. Normally, in situations where there is true love between two persons.

And let me tell you that this is not a new rule, but it is even more useful in today’s world full of distractions that take away our time that is short anyway.

As your relationship matures, as you start living together, as kids start coming in the first place in your life…you just seem to move away from your partner. You feel that you don’t really know him or her now, but recall on old memories and sensations of feelings. You haven’t felt anything for quite some time ago haven’t you? But you’re sticking around because you love each other. You just need some fresh memories and something to spice up the flame between you two, that doesn’t necessarily happens in the bedroom…

Just try this simple rule, named the “2-2-2 rule” because of the ration it holds…

  • take a day for you two every 2 weeks
  • take a whole weekend just for the two of you if it is possible every two months
  • if finances afford, take a short trip every 2 years on a place you’ve never been to before and make some fresh memories just for the two of you

If you wish to keep the honeymoon phase of your marriage, or the first month phase of your relationship, in love terms, always follow this rule. Or feel free to make some adjustments, such as 1-1-1, 1-2-1. but never make it more than 2 weeks, two months or two years, because love doesn’t wait.

And you should NEVER give someone else a chance to put a smile on your partner’s face, right?

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