Taurine – the secret behind the energy bomb

Taurine is the active compound of most of the energy drinks, if not all. And if you thought that is the semen of bulls – it is not. It is actually a highly important amino acid that is produced in the human organism.

Then, why do we need more of what we already have inside us?

Amino acids are crucial for our existence, for they are the building blocks of proteins and thus – forming of cells. However, taurine is an amino SULFONIC acid and as this, is not used for building cells, but other important functions, such as normal functioning of the heart, energy capacity of the body, treating inflammation of the liver – hepatitis, adjusting the calcium levels inside the cells, producing bile salts and many more.

Breast milk is rich with taurine and infants who were breastfeed have the ability and tendency to produce it in their growth, unlike the ones who weren’t breastfeed. Also vegetarians and vegans need to take taurine supplements, because they are mostly found in animal food, such as meat, dairy products and fish.

Why do we need taurine?

Scientifically speaking, there are studies who have proven that taurine protects the nerve cells from damaging, and also improves the neurotransmitting capacity. Because the human body mostly produces it in the brain area, the theory that taurine acts as a chemical messenger in the central nervous system is quite logical.

However, there are not enough scientific evidence that taurine actually improves the muscle capacity and brings up the energy of the body on long terms. That’s why the use of taurine for sportists isn’t legally supported, and in fact, it is forbidden on the Olympic games.

But, taurine definitely helps to treat the following conditions:

  • diabetes (type 1 and 2)
  • epilepsy
  • acting as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • regulating the blood pressure





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