STOP shooting pictures of your kids all the time!

I am born in the beginning of the 90’s, had my first phone when I was 13, and have one or maximum 5 photos of each of my earliest birthdays.

And even I find it hard to imagine the life before smartphones.

In the era where you could record absolutely every minute of your life,and the life of your children, this is why you shouldn’t…

  1. Identity theft

Exposing too much of you and your kids can be harmful in so many ways, and even it could cost them their trust funds! In this era it’s very easy to forge documents and enter a computer and a mobile phone, get all the relevant data and disappear without a trace.

2. Early developed criticism

Comparing likes and beauty on selfies is what children learn to do even at the age of 3! Imagine what it does to their characters to feel they should compete all the time… they wouldn’t be able to build a strong character for sure!

3. Boomerang effect

Enjoying the likes on your latest story? The comments on your latest post? Well, you know what they say – once it goes on the Internet – there’s no turning back. Even if you delete it, there’s still some trace of it somewhere. And imagine 10 years later, your kid finds an image of themselves crawling naked in your garden….all that cuteness you once though was there would be turned into shame and hate, and a huge problem would appear. Every person has a right to privacy, remember that!

4. Difficulties to express themselves

Instagram stories and instant replies on pictures and stories seem to have shortened the not so rich social media communication there was even before that. An emoticon replaces a sentence – a picture replaces a whole story. That’s how your children will also be taught to express themselves and lack the ability to communicate verbally or look people in the eyes while having a normal conversation.

If the above mentioned reasons are not a good enough reason to stop memorizing every single thing of your child’s day and turning it into an achievement – remember that they will grow up and you will wish you actually spent more time with them, instead with the illusion that you’re spending time with them, when you’re actually spending it with your phone and your virtual network of friends.




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