A meal shouldn’t be only salty – include all 6 tastes for a healthy body!

According to the ancient Ayurveda, which is a style of life more than it is a philosophy or religion, eating all the tastes in each meal is the key to a healthy and toxins free organism!

How is that, you ask yourself?

I have asked the same question, since all the modern diets are based mostly on eating foods of the same origin in one day, to achieve easier processing of the food inside the gut as well as lose some weight. Such are the famous keto diet, and also, the 21-days diet.

First of all, let’s introduce the 6 tastes:

In the above table, the six tastes are given, and also, next to them, their positive or negatives properties on certain organs and metabolic systems, according to the Ayurveda.

Let me explain furthermore. Under the name of Kapha, there are few doshas, and the organs included here are the chest, the stomach, the joints, the head and the tongue. So sweet, sour and salty foods have a positive influence on the work of the above mentioned organs, while on the other hand, astringent, bitter and pungent foods have a negative impact.

But, to be more more exact, including all the 6 tastes in every meal brings to a balanced metabolism and a harmonic work of all the organs in the body, because, as you can see in the table, each organ’s negative influences from a certain type of food, have positive influence on some other organs.

If you manage to eat all six tastes each day, you will have a healthier organism, normal bowel movements and stool and be focused. You will not be craving for instant fast food to put in your mouth, because you will be satisfied even with sweets if you include all tastes in your healthy daily diet.






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