Scientific fact – you only have 3 chances to fall in love in your entire life

Science has proven that in our entire life – true love happens not once, but three times. These are also called “the age of love stage”.

Before science, the famous author Herman Hesse has also written about these stages of love. The novel”Siddhartha” is also based on this.

  1. The first love

Everyone falls in love for the first time – and there are quite a bunch of couples who stay in love forever with their first love. It is the first sensational feeling of love – a feeling you’re just unlocking in your heart for a person other than your family, a different kind of love – with some tickling sensation in your stomach and burning heat in your heart. Another scientific study also proves that most marriages between young people are marriages out of first love, and these couples have a tendency to stay together for the rest of their lives for another important fact besides being in love – mutual respect is much bigger for the person you know a long time, since your childhood.

2. The complicated toxic love

As we enter the stage of adolescence, finishing college, university, starting jobs, moving out of home and changing environments – things begin to complicate in every stage of live. Including the love life. Science has proven that in this stage of life we are less vulnerable, but most unsecure. Many of the relationships we form in the new environment are not so trustworthy, but we cling on them just because we want to feel accepted, find our belonging environment and broaden our horizons. The relationships that occur during this stage are not so meaningful from the aspect of the feeling of love – but meaningful for growing u as a human being. Also, marriages born from these types of relationships are very problematic, since people have a tendency to explain their actions, argue and debate for their points of view, as in the stage of beginning the relationship.

3. Mature love

The last phase of love, which many people don’t reach, mostly because of the fear of breaking a previous relationship, and because as we grow older, we are not so used to changes as before. But, those of us who haven’t dared to give their hearts and souls to a single person before – have the chance to experience the ultimate mature love – or as Hesse calls it – the Nirvana of Love. In this kind of love, people don’t hesitate to be their selves, jealousy is switched with understanding and deep talks for some doubtful actions. this is because people reach a stage where they understand they don’t need to be perfect, or act to be something they’re not. And it is not rare that the mature love can also happen between two people who’ve already been in love previously, but decided to separate, to grow a better versions of themselves.

Do you agree with the results of this scientific study? What kind of love do you and your partner share? Tell us in the comments below, for it is a great topic!


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