Power balls – the ultimate healthy sweets

I’ve seen this anime cartoon, where one of the heroes in the leading group ate a special power ball and had massive strength and even grew bigger in a fight. I remember this scene, because they were wandering and had nothing to eat besides these power balls. I wanted to try one of them and become so powerful, I could jump over the fence and go playing outside with the other kids on the block.

It was just the other day when I realized these balls actually existed! And I’m going to share the recipe with you!

You know, sweets give you power, because they are a direct injection with carbohydrates and glucosamine, which our bodies need to function. Basically, every food in the digestion process dissolves down to glucose. However, chemically made sweets and sweeteners are very bad for the bones and overall health. That’s why these power balls are awesome not just for sports, training and instant energy, but for calming your “sweet attack” without feeling guilty about it! You might even lose weight.


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 cups crunched oats
  • 2 cups crunched nuts
  • 3 big spoons golden raisins (chopped on tiny pieces – but definitely not blended )
  • 40 g cooking chocolate – melted
  • coconut crumbs
  • a pinch of cinnamon

How to do it?

First of all, mix the oats, nuts and chopped raisins. After, add the ripe bananas and mix them well. Finish with adding the melted chocolate and for the end, roll some of them in coconut crumbs, to play with tastes and make your plate more colorful.

I can literally NEVER have too many of these. And how about you?





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