Never leave a glass of water near your bed while sleeping!

Most of us have a habit to wake up in the middle of the night, for a quick visit to the bathroom and maybe, a cup of water. Mostly it is for a cup of water. That’s why the majority of us keep a glass of water on their bedside table.

However, a recent university biological study  proved this wrong. Not only wrong Рbut dangerous too!

The water changes the flavor when it is opened and in contact with fresh air. But this might actually be good – because the changed taste is due to the disappearing of chlorine from the water – a substance you’re definitely better off without.

But, what also happens during the night, is the fact that miniature dust particles and other particles from the air, including bacteria, might end up in your glass of water. And you will drink the bacteria! Depending on he season, insects, such as mosquitoes and bugs might also end up in your organism! Yikes!

Also, during the night and the contact with oxygen, the pH level of the water changes. The usual pH balance of the H2O substance is approximately 7, while in the morning, if you measure it, it’s more than 8, which is close to an acidic environment!


If you’re a “night thirsty drinker”, better have a closed bottle of water near you.






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