Never drink tap water again – it leads to mental illness

This article is definitely not written as a commercial or lobbying to make you buy water. Me myself is the one who is against this mostly, because water companies don’t sell you water – they sell you plastic bottles. If you can find an alternative spring to drink water from that is not being polluted with fluoride – do that. Otherwise, I advise you to better buy water from a supermarket than drink tap water.

Here’s scientific proof!

A doctor and researcher from HSPH (Harvard School of Public Health) has conducted a study on how fluoride- the strongest substance used do apparently make water safer for drinking, really influences the organism and its functions, with the biggest accent of how it manifests in children.

Doctor Philippe Grandjean claims that “fluoride is the main reason for lowering children’s IQ, as this fact has already been proven for children born after the year of 2010. Fluoride can also lead to various mental disorders, such as autism and similar spectrum disorders, which is very harmful for further brain development, especially at the age of 4.”

He alarms that authorities and media keep silent about this fact, or even worse – they deny it. That’s why he calls this problem “a silent epidemic”.

And when he was asked what kind of further development problems can fluoride trigger, we were amazed by the numerosity:

  • dental fluorosis
  • lower IQ
  • autism
  • skeletal fluorosis
  • calcification of the pineal gland
  • immune deficiencies




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