Never do this after a meal!

A good, full meal isn’t the end of your daily routine, that’s for sure. But, after eating a meal, you might want to lay down, have a coffee, or light up a cigarette.

However, some of them might be very bad for your health. A healthy meal might go to vain if you do some of these bad habits afterwards:

  • Eat a fruit – you might find this awkward, but eating fruit after a meal is the biggest cause for cellulite! All that extra liquids and vitamins, which would be dissolved immediately if your stomach was empty, go directly into cellulite when you’re full!
  • Don’t smoke – me myself was a smoker, but I quit long ago. one of the hardest things for me when I was quitting was resisting that sweet “after lunch cigarette”. But, let me tell you this, while digesting, our body is working not just with the gut, but the flow of blood is more frequent in all the body. So smoking a single cigarette is equal as 10 after a meal! Never forget that.                                                                                                               
  • Don’t go swimming or have a shower – by doing this, you suddenly change your body temperature – a thing you definitely don’t want to do, because by doing that, you automatically relocate the blood from your gut towards the peripheral nerves and skin, to pump blood and make you warm. That’s how you slow down your metabolism and leave your meal really “unfinished”!
  • Sleep or have a nap after a meal – is the thing your body really wants to do, as your blood goes away from your head, however, the lying position is very bad for digestion and can worsen your metabolism on long term.

  • Drinking tea after a meal – Tea caffeine binds to iron and causes slow digestion, which is really bad for people with anemia. No wonder Englishman had their tea at 5, hour or two after their lunch.





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