Natural booster for thyroid health

If you’re having problems with your thyroid health, or if you have a line of family diseases and malfunctions of the thyroid gland, try to include these foods in your daily meal plan. Also, limiting the intake of goitrogen foods is a good idea.

Including foods and supplements rich in vitamin B, iron and potassium is absolutely essential for a balanced work of the thyroid gland.


Free radicals are the root cause for thyroid malfunctioning.  They are unstable fragments of molecules. The body naturally creates them as a prevention of bacteria and viruses. They also appear when there is a malfunction in some metabolic process, such as is this case.


Omega 3 fatty acids – to absorb the purest omega 3 fatty acids, you need to eat fish, and mostly fish that lives on vast open sea, such as salmon and tuna. Seaweed as well as the spirulina algae is also very rich in omega 3 nutrients.

Flaxseeds – include flaxseeds in your cereal, yogurt or salad. The fiber and amino acids it contains is essential for thyroid health.

Healthy virgin oils – cooking with healthy oils, such as coconut or olive oil, instead of sunflower oil we regularly use

Fresh eggs – if you’re able to find chicken (or even better, quail) eggs from a small, not so export-oriented farm, you will definitely improve your thyroid health, since eggs contain healthy amounts and source of iodine.



However, if you’re already suffering from problems from your thyroid gland, the sole switching to a healthier meal plan may not be enough. That’s why you absolutely need to consult a doctor and start or continue with your therapy.







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