Listerine…for FEET?

You’ve probably heard about Listerrine. It is a liquid for mouthwash. And it is sold almost all aroung the globe.

Listerine comes in many colors, sizes and flavors.

But has it ever occured to you, or have you ever heard from another person, that Listerine – a mouthwash liquid, is extremely useful efor many feet regarding problems as well!

  • if you want to ease the pain in your feet and ankles – after a long day at work or in the gym, you feel enormous pressure in your feet…. Soak your bare feet in a mixture of Listerine and warm water. The chemical called methyl salicylate will ease the pain, because it is a substance that is chemically really close to aspirin, the difference is only that this substance is stronger and it could enter the human body through its pores
  • Preventing calluses – if you’re an active person, you sure get calluses ocassionaly. And it is nothing to shame about, due to the fact that they appear because of friction inside your shoes. Medically they are treated with salicylic acid – and once again, the methyl salicylate in the Listerine can do magic in this case!

  • Preventing infections – Listerine is used as a mouthwash – a mixed liquid that has the ability to prevent bacteria and infections inside the most crucial and clean place of our organism. It has many active substances that can also prevent fungus – the main possible infection with human feet.

    Have you ever heard someone give another person Listerine advice about their feet?




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