Listen to your mom, especially for relationship advice

We never seem to take advice from our parents, irrelevant which issue is on the table.

However, you must admit that you have realized, sooner or later, you should have.

When it comes to relationships and the choices we’ve made with our partners – our parents will ALWAYS have something to say, and mostly, disagree with our choices. From a psychological point of view, that is because with that step, we are replacing a great part of the role our parents play in our life.


Here are some eye opening facts why you should listen to your mother’s advice regarding your relationship partner, instead of arguing with her and turning your back on your family.

  1. Wearing the “love goggles” gets you further from realizing the actual situation – your partner doesn’t love you as much as you think, they’re taking advantage of you and playing your trust or finance. This is really hard to understand and especially when it’s your mother telling you this, because first you feel that she doesn’t support your choices and that she doesn’t understand the situation you’re in. But, trust me, she is. It is as hard for her to say these things as it is hard for you to hear them. But you have to stop and think through about these kind of facts she’s pointing out…
  2. She’ll always think you deserve better – you’re her baby in the end of all! There is a story: A mother had two kids – a boy and a girl. They were both married and she was discussing their marriages with a friend. About her daughter in law, she said:”She’s home all day, my son brings her ice-cream, helps around the kitchen, watches the kids when she’s out…it’s insane how she’s taking advantage of him”! For her daughter’s marriage, she said:”My son in law helps around the kitchen, takes care of the kids and buys her gifts all the time. She is very happy to have him! But, he doesn’t work hard enough for them to go on vacation every season…” You see the point from this story??
  3. In the end of the day, there is no stronger instinct than the mother’s instinct – and that instinct never stops to work, no matter how old you get – motherhood never ends.




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