Lazy people are better as parents!

Before we start discussing the topic, I just want to say that parenting doesn’t have a guide – that’s because not a single human being is the same with other human being. Kids have different needs and life shouldn’t be taught by the book.

However, latest theory from the field of parental and family psychology show that overprotective parents, parents who plan a whole schedule for their children and make sure their kid has a fund planned in advanced for college, actually harm the child. There’s a latest “trend”, if we mat call i like that – “lazy parenting”. Being more leisure and not obsessed with the future of your family and your child proves better – you’re raising a human being with its ow needs, possibilities, future and destiny. You’re definitely not in control.

Here are some pointing facts of the study.

  •  Lazy parents raise up more responsible kids – think about it, if a mother is constantly tidying around the house and doing all the chores – when will the child have the ability to learn these things? If you think that your child knows the place where their laundry and clothes are, they don’t really know it. Not until they folded their own clothes before putting them in their drawers
  • Lazy parents encourage their kids to believe in themselves – not having a plan, not having money in advance and a future made for you from the start makes your kid believe in their abilities. Yet, it makes them more curious about the world and what they could do to achieve higher standards for themselves.
  • Kids see the real world sooner than the overprotected kids – lazy parents are better at explaining the real world to their children
  • Kids get to spend more time with their parents – yes, mothers who don’t always clean the kitchen, wash the dishes or vacuum definitely spend more time with their kids, doing stuff their kids want to do, expanding their beliefs and dreams. Would you rather have a clean kitchen instead a happy child?

Sit back and enjoy parenting – don’t be too stressed and never think that you’re in control of absolutely everything – let one slip out of your hands! 




he era of super-parents seems to have come to an end and more parents are trying to adopt the style of “lazy parenting” nowadays. But this doesn’t mean you should let your kids hang out and watch YouTube all day long. It’s more about taking a step back to let your children struggle for a while and to learn how to overcome challenges instead of rushing to get all the obstacles out of their way.

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